Aruba Wedding Ideas

The island of Aruba is one of the best places to have your dream destination wedding. With gorgeous beaches and near perfect weather you can completely relax and enjoy your special day. Here are 10 ways to make the most out of your Aruba wedding!

1. Beachside Service

Aruba Wedding Ideas

Take your ceremony to the sands! A more perfect backdrop to your service does not exist. Your guests will love the constant gentle breeze and beautiful ocean view. The toughest part about planning a wedding is guessing the weather. With a wedding in Aruba you never have to worry

2. Elegant Floral Altar

Aruba Wedding Ideas

A well designed altar can help make your ceremony extra memorable. The style you both choose says a lot about who you are and what your tastes are. As the main focal point of your ceremony (besides you two of course!) it is important to keep in simple yet in line with your theme. Make sure to ask your wedding planner what is new and trendy and see if they can help make it happen!

3. Cute Rustic Signs

Aruba Wedding Ideas

Nothing accents an outdoor wedding better than organic décor. Wood, flowers, and greens look great against Arubas white sands. Use these signs to gently guide your guests to seating, food, photo booths, etc. Or create a sign with your favorite romantic quote or lyrics.

4. Lovely Lights

Aruba Wedding Ideas
Aruba Wedding Ideas

Everyone knows a great set of lights can transform the dance floor. This “LOVE” light looks great both day and night. Perfect for photo-ops and adding some sparkle to the reception.

5. Unique Photobooth

Aruba Wedding photobooth
Aruba Wedding photobooth

Getting your guests into a wedding photo booth can be tricky. Make it irresistible by making it a unique experience. This bride and groom held their photo booth in a vintage van, complete with beach themed props!

6. Wedding Party Gifts

Aruba Wedding gift ideas

Say thank you to your helpers with beach themed gifts! Make them personal and memorable by having your names and wedding date printed on them.

7. Sea Themed Tables

Aruba Wedding Ideas

With so many table décor options out there it can be tough to choose! Sometime simple is beautiful and fun. This sailor themed table setup over dark wood really shines. Adorable “Two less fish in the sea!” cozies help keep your guests drinks cold and make a nice gift for your guests.

8. Starfish Lapels

Aruba Wedding

These beautifully made starfish lapel pins are a great alternative to the traditional flower pin. The pink accent color matched the bridesmaids dresses and helped create a sense of unity with the wedding party.

9. Sand Pour Keepsake

Aruba Wedding Ideas

Creating a fun keepsake together is a great way to bring you back to that special day. Keep it in a place where you spend the most time to revisit that great day over and over again.

10. Beachside Wedding Photos

Aruba Wedding Photos

The beautiful Caribbean ocean is the perfect backdrop to your traditional wedding photos. These photos will Be sure to find a photographer that has experience with beach photography.

Like some of these ideas? All of these weddings were planned through Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusives wedding services. Contact Aruba Weddings for You to find out more about having an all inclusive destination wedding!

Want to see more photos from these weddings? Check out the Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusives Pinterest page and start planning your dream Aruba wedding.