Juliën van Loo & François Geurds prepare the Dutch Lamb dish.

On a pair of lovely summer evenings in Aruba, guests were treated to a very unique and sold out event.  At Windows on Aruba restaurant, dinners enjoyed the very first Aruban Michelin Chef culinary event. 

Plates were design and prepared by 4 Michelin Chefs with a total of 8 Michelin stars between them. Using fresh ingredients straight from Holland, each chef prepared their own hors d’oeuvres and a course for the evening. Between the wonderful dishes, guests were entertained by live music from a DJ and received lots of interactions with the chefs and host.  The event was hosted and initiated by Carsten Klint, the culinary specialist and board member of the Amsterdam Diner Foundation. 

The participating chefs were François Geurds of FG Restaurant (**) and FG Food Labs (*), Erik Van Loo of Parkheuvel (**), Edwin Vinke of De Kromme Watergang (**) and Jermain de Rozario of De Rozario (*). All chefs hail from the Netherlands.

“So we’re cooking at the Windows on Aruba. 8 Michelin Stars, what can you expect of the evening? To begin with my own dish. I made a dish with something I met on Aruba and I only can get on Aruba and its Pica di Papaya. I think it’s a nice adventure and for the people that come it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. ”  

 – Jermain de Rozario, Michelin Chef

To pair with such amazingly bold flavors and textures were a special selection of wines provided by Pepia Est.  One such wine, Alexander vs The Ham Factory is a bold red wine paired with Chef Francois Geurds dish, Stoba, which is a sucade crispy with sereh foam and gravy of beef. (pictured below).

Stoba paired with Alexander vs The Ham Factory.

Guests were well attended to by a professional team of servers. The servers brought out signature cocktails, 4 hors d’ oeuvres, 3 starter courses, 1 entrée and a mouthwatering coconut desert.  Each Chef brought with them their own teams of sous chefs to help prepare the dishes. Some the sauces used in the event took 2 days or work to prepare. The chefs also leant their knowledge to Windows on Aruba’s current chef, so expect some creative dishes there in the future.

At Divi & Tamarijn Aruba, ingredients are responsibly sourced for all of the restaurants including Argentinian grass-fed beef proven to be higher in certain vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats, herbs and spices grown in the resort’s gardens and locally sourced ingredients incorporated into sauces, dishes and desserts. Breakfast buffets serve fresh local fruits each morning.

The nights ended with a round of applause for everyone who worked hard to bring the event together. The chefs are very excited to return again and make this an annual event

“I have no doubt that Aruba’s culinary world will be put in the spotlight.”

– Aruba’s Minister of tourism, Public health & Sport, Danguillaume Oduber

Sunset on Divi Links, Windows on Aruba.