Aruba Butterfly Farm, Photos curtesy of

While we are apart during this stressful time, we want to bring you a weekly #DiviDoseofParadise. Check this blog often for a dose of Aruba sun and fun. This week we are learning about Aruba’s own Butterfly Farm.

The butterfly garden is a magical spot in Aruba. Step inside and instantly be teleported to a tropical rain forest! There are flowers and trees a plenty along with ponds full of fish and the calming sound of waterfalls. Pro tip; sign up for the guided tour where you’ll learn the most about these amazing little creatures from the people who care for them every day. The guides will even show you the best way to handle the butterflies so you can take some great photos without hurting them.

The best time to head to the butterfly farm is early in the morning. That’s when the cocoons stir and the butterflies emerge. From the giant Atlas moth to the gorgeous Emerald Swallowtail, you are sure to find a new fluttery friend to adore. Make sure to bring a camera with you as these beautiful creatures are great models! Tripods are allowed too. Also, pack a snack or lunch and enjoy outside the exhibition area in their shaded seating.

The Butterfly Farm is located in the famous Palm Beach area, just across from the Aruba Divi Phoenix. If you are staying with us at the Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive, the butterfly farm is just a 7 minute ride away. Guests are encouraged to ask for a taxi or rent a car from our concierge desk. If you’re looking for a great deal, ask about the DePalm Aruba Sightseeing tour. Along with the Butterfly Farm, you also get to check out several other Aruba landmarks!

The cost of admission varies depending on if you are visiting as a group, from a school or part of a cruise ship. Call or email ahead to find out what the price for your admission would be. Your ticket comes with a great special offer, a free pass for the rest of your vacation! Go visit as often as you like while you are here! The Butterfly Farm accepts cash, Mastercard and Visa.

While you’re there, don’t miss out on visiting our other Aruban winged friends at Bubali Bird Sanctuary.  This sanctuary is home to more than 80 species of migratory birds. Watch them nest, feed and play in Aruba’s lush oasis. Look for the historical Old Dutch Windmill and bring your camera. It’s just around the corner from the Butterfly Farm!

Click the image for a bonus coloring book page you can print out at home.