My husband and I recently went to Divi Aruba All Inclusive in December for our honeymoon. What a fabulous resort! The staff were friendly and very helpful. Even above and beyond what is normally expected of them, from letting us get in for lunch the day we landed even though the restuarant was picking up or from bringing in aloe vera stalks for us from home to help with a sunburn.
Everything about this trip was amazing. Aruba as a whole is a beautiful country that is incredibly diverse, and the people are friendly and helpful. We both felt very safe anywhere we were on the island.
Divi Aruba All Inclusive was perfect. Our room was spectacular. The view was stunning. The resort was always clean. We never once felt that we were inconveniencing someone with a request, or even when we were strolling along the boardwalk along the beach in front of the worker collecting glasses. The staff took the time to ask questions of the patrons, and did everything in their power to get to know the patrons tastes and what they like.
My husband and I very rarely plan a vacation more than a few months in advance, but we are already planning on returning to Divi in 2013 and are planning on making it a annual trip!

Reviewed by Katherine K (TripAdvisor)

Reviewed on February 3, 2012