We were (my wife and I) at Divi Aruba in April/2011. It is a very pleasant hotel, with spacious and clean. The services are the same and any traditional all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. Comparing with the Dominican Republic, hotels are an infrastructure a bit simpler in terms of night shows. But it leaves nothing to be desired with regard to drinks, food etc.

 About the room: it is very good, but safe is poorly located, under the bathroom sink. It's small and poor to access it. So if you have to save much in the vault, you might not. We keep a netbook, money and two photo cameras. 

About the restaurants: a buffet restaurant that there is no need to do any kind of book. The restaurant is good, but my wife and I do not like buffets. The hotel has other restaurants (Italian, oriental, meat etc..), But they all require reservations in advance. So when it arrives at the hotel, my recommendation is to book ASAP. Surely you can only eat in restaurants two or three days after check-in.

The beach is a spectacle. This is so fantastic. In our opinion, better than Punta Cana. But it's for a different kind of audience: the beach is quiet and the hotel is not disturbing anyone with games or activities. If your goal is to relax, Aruba is the right place! It is a great stillness and peace. All hóspdes quiet, reading their books. 

It is a place without as much mess as Punta Cana.

My assessment, 00 to 10: note 9.

Reviewed by TrajanoLeme (TripAdvisor)

Reviewed on August 14, 2011