This was our 2nd trip to the Divi, this time with another couple, it was better than we remembered. First off Aruba weather is perfect everyday, hot and sunny with a nice breeze. The Island is a great place to explore and sights see. Definitely take some excursions. ATV and Jeep tours are a great way to see the Island and we also enjoyed The Jolly Pirate. We stayed in Vista 2, right by the main pool and just a short step to the beach. The location for us was perfect. We would hit the beach early in the morning, of course after a really good breakfast at the buffet. You can get cooked to order eggs; omelets, over easy, and even eggs benedicts. There were plenty of different foods to choose from for breakfast. 8 days there and never got tired of the breakfast they had to offer. The beach is simply the best on the island. This is where the Divi stands out from the High Rises. There is no comparison…high rises; no waves, over crowded, rows of huts and people, and very commercialized. Low rises; nice waves, not crowded, and soft sand. Just look at the pictures online. At 11:00 when the bars opened, we packed up from the beach and went to enjoy all the bars and lunch spots. All the bars are unique in there own way and all very enjoyable. You can even do a bar crawl if you choose (it was a lot of fun). We loved the food at the Tam pool bar, but mostly hung at the Sandpiper, which also had great grill food and excellent salads. Late afternoon was back to the rooms to hang out on the porch over looking the pool area. We brought beers from the main bar back with us, and also refilled there or the pizza bar. When the buffet opened for dinner the girls would get a few plates of appetizers to bring back to the porch to snack on before dinner. We liked the later dinner reservations. This was a very relaxing and enjoyable time. Dinners were all excellent. Most of the restaurants are at the Tam which is very easy to get to, either by an enjoyable walk or by golf cart transportation offered by the hotels. Dinner was tons of food and lots of wine, then back to the main bar at the Divi for some enjoyable entertainment.

I can’t figure out all the bad reviews so maybe I can rebuttal some of them for you. If you are not happy with something just politely ask or say something and it will be resolved. We never had any issues with the service. Dinner reservations do need to be made early and usually a couple days in advance. E-mail down a couple days in advance and make your first night or two of reservations and then when you arrive do the same. Drinks being weak…just ask for more alcohol (you are at an All Inclusive). The bartenders will remember you and if you have to ask once trust me you won’t have to again. Also, remember this is there job, it may be all inclusive, but everyone enjoys a tip. They are like any bartenders anywhere in the world….make friends with them. A couple of dollars goes a long way. Dinners had a lot to offer at all the restaurants. Again if you want more food just ask. Order 2 appetizers if you r indecisive. Everyone there will accommodate you. Our favorites are Asia and The Italian Restaurant but the Red Parrot was also excellent. We are not a huge fan of the place you grill your own food, but it can be fun. Windows over at the Divi Links is well worth the extra charge. It is simply top notch. Food is great and service is first class, a great way to end your trip (we ate there our last night).


Reviewed by Domvi (TripAdvisor)

Reviewed on May 20, 2011