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Looking to explore the lively underwater world of Aruba? Aruba is the perfect spot to do some casual snorkeling and diving adventures. The most popular and sought after spots to explore are its many shipwrecks. Take a moment to learn more about our diving and snorkeling spots before you take your trip!

Mangel Halto Reef

This beautiful spot is the perfect place for a leisurely snorkel adventure. Located on a secluded beach, Mangel Halto is hailed as an excellent spot of reef fish activity. You can easily reach the reef from shore and observe such fish as parrot fish, yellowtail snapper, blue tangs along with sponges and anemones. If you are interested in diving, the reef continues and plunges to depths of 110′ where you might bump into octopus, morays and barracuda.

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Mike’s Reef, also known as The Tranquila South Side Cruise

This spot is one of Aruba’s well kept secrets. It is vastly different from the larger more commercial diving spots and features a single pier and shack and a launch point. This spot puts you extremely close to the coral reef and hosts and abundance of small colorful fish. This is the perfect spot for a snorkeling and kayaking combo adventure. This is one of the tourists favorite spot for photography.

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The Antilla

This is perhaps Aruba’s most famous wreck snorkeling and diving spot. The Antilla is a 400′ long German freighter vessel that was intentionally scuttled by its captain during WWII. It was wrecked in order to prevent capture by the Allies. The vessel currently sits in about 60′ of water and is the perfect wreck for beginners to explore.

The Antilla wreck is only accessible by booking a boat tour and you’ll find lots of companies feature their own tours. However if you aren’t looking to get wet you can still explore the wreck in the Seaworld Explorer semi-submarine.

This air-conditioned vessel, which was originally used for research on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, remains above sea level at all times, while its hull, which sits 5 feet below the surface, provides spectacular viewing of the Arashi coral reef, abundant sea life and the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, the World War 2 German freighter Antilla.

These are just a small taste of the snorkeling and diving spot available to you in Aruba. Be sure to do plenty of research to find out which one is best for you and your parties abilities and skill level. Keep in mind that marine park regulations in Aruba prohibit the touching of wildlife which includes coral reefs.

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