We just got back from Aruba and are missing it already. This was our fourth trip to the Tam and we are already planning our fifth. THE BEACH WAS BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS. We have usually got a room on the first floor but we didnt this time and we really preferred the second floor, you dont get the traffic and also the views are great, the exercise up and down the stairs was good after all the food and drinks you have.The only complaint I have is the same as everyone else, the hogging of the palapas. We would witness people putting their towels on the chairs as soon as they unchained them and they would keep their towels on the chairs ALL DAY whether they were using them or not. We actually went to the management and complained and he sent security over. Security says there is soposed to be a 2 hour limit on reserving chairs, but they dont enforce this . This to us was just rude of people to think they have the right to beach chairs all day, even if they werent there. Other than that, everything else was GREAT cant wait to next year!!! Also , go out and explore the island, there are so many great things to see.

Reviewed by kkoronka (TripAdvisor)

Reviewed on April 5, 2012