Just back from 2 weeks at the Tamarijn. Interesting to note that our friends from across the pond are more critical! Frankly and quite honestly the Tam was great. Superb position right on the beach. The food was fine for an AI and taking the cost of the holiday into account. Red Parrot and Ginger were the favourites but Paparazzi was fine too. The special deal at Windows Restaurant a la carte over the road for Tam guests for $35 p/p was incredible!! The food etc was simply outstanding so do not miss this offer!
 Drinks were very good including premiums like Baileys and Stolichnya so why do some people moan? We found the staff absolutely fine…………there is no pleasing some other reviewers. We have been fortunate to travel extensively around the Caribbean and other parts of the world and done AI and other forms of hotel deals. Aruba and in particular the Tamarijn easily rate in our top 3 best holidays ever. Simple as that really.

Reviewed by Chris B (TripAdvisor)

Reviewed on August 25, 2011