We loved, loved the private feel to the beach. Whichever palapa you choose, there is nothing (and no one!) between you and the beach. The views are unmatched and make for complete relaxation Fantastic!! The food was average, but the availabiltyand economy of the all inclusive almost more than makes up for it. It even worked for us to go out to eat a few times elsewhere and still feel good about our choice. The whole resort is easy going and relaxing. It's not a five star resort, but if you ask us, it's even better that way. It's low key and relaxing, without some of the pomp and circumstance that would be less relaxing. If you aren't stuck on “luxury”, but enjoy true beauty and a pleasant escape from your daily world, this could be the place for you. As a last note, when we were on the beach with out toes in the sand, feeling the warm sun and thecooling breeze, and we would see a plane make it's decent off to to left, coming in for a landing, we would say to ourselves “Those are lucky people to be coming here today. Very lucky people.”. And we would count ourselves among the lucky, for sure. It was a Wonderful time.

Reviewed by Cocotherunner (TripAdvisor)

Reviewed on March 11, 2012