The story of Jill & Devin is the perfect example of fate bringing two people together and we’re thrilled that our very own Bunker Bar is where their stars aligned!

September 1, 2014

“Dear The Divi & Tamarijn Aruba, 

My name is Jill Broderick and I want to share with you my modern day love story that all began when the stars aligned for me at your beautiful resort in Aruba.

In January of 2011, I was the random winner of an all-inclusive trip for two to the Tamarijn Aruba, won through a local Boston radio station. I was extremely excited, partly because I hadn’t won anything in my life and the obvious reason; I had heard amazing things about the “One Happy Island” of Aruba. I quickly booked the trip with my then longtime boyfriend for the following November. That summer life threw me a curve ball and to make a very long and unpleasant story short, I was a newly single lady. The idea of going on a romantic getaway for two to Aruba at that time was completely unappealing, so I decided to skip the trip altogether. After much convincing from friends and family, I realized it would be completely ridiculous to pass up this once and a lifetime opportunity that was given to me, so the trip was back on. I decided to take a friend of mine who was also newly single, like me. I never knew then but what started out as a “girls trip” was about to become so much more.

We landed in Aruba in on a Saturday in November of 2011. We when pulled up to the Tamarijn we could not have been more excited for our quiet and relaxing week. Being from New England, we are big football fans and we were pleasantly surprised to see the Patriots game was playing in the Bunker Bar across from our room. We found ourselves two seats at the bar next to a group of four people looking to be our age. Coincidentally, they were from New England as well. We seemed to immediately hit it off and in talking we discovered that Devin, one of our new found friends, came on this trip very last minute because someone in the original group had cancelled. Him and I grew up in neighboring towns in Massachusetts and currently lived in the same town of Quincy, MA. While I was in no way looking or even interested in a relationship, something about Devin intrigued me. He was a handsome and seemingly genuine person with a wild sense of humor. As the night continued the two groups merge seemed inevitable and we found ourselves planning excursions along with pool and dinner dates together for the duration of the vacation.

I had an absolutely unbelievable week in Aruba which made nearing the end difficult. As coincidence would have it, Devin and I were on the same flight home to Boston. I played the week over and over in my head during the plane ride and was saddened to think the week ahead wouldn’t include Devin. At the baggage claim in Logan Airport I nervously gave Devin my phone number and hoped to keep in touch.

I can happily say that we did keep in touch. We began dating soon after we got home and were engaged this past April of 2014. We were never ones to believe in fate however, our story certainly proves that everything happens for a reason. We lived shy of 5 miles apart, yet traveled across countries to meet. Divi & Tamarijn will forever be the place our love story began. We would love to visit for our honeymoon to relive our dream vacation but as you can understand with planning a wedding, money is tight. We are staying positive and looking forward to our upcoming wedding in May of 2015. We would truly like to thank the Divi & Tamarijn Aruba for hosting our week long first date in paradise, setting a backdrop to our wonderful memories, and fostering our love story that will last a lifetime.”

Jill Broderick