As many people have commented before, the really great part about this hotel is the view from every room. We had an upper level room towards the far end of the resort. Could be a problem if you are concerned about walking back and forth to the pool and restaurants.

The snorkeling equipment that is included is great – fun to snorkel right outside the room a few yards out we found some fish and a handful of shells and starfish of many sizes. A few days we snorkeled all the way down to the divi and then walked back.

We also took advantage of the bikes they provide and rode them into the closest part of town to do some shopping and visit the flea market. Typical flea market items but it was fun none the less. There are, like in most beach towns some run down areas but all in all we felt very safe traveling around.

We took a cab over to hard rock and into the downtown area to do some other shopping. Flat rate of $10 no matter where you go.

We were a little confused to find that there weren't any hot tubs on the property. There were some at the condo buildings that we used on occasion but couldn't ever really decide if we were supposed to even be there. The main pool does close once the sun goes down; but we were usually so exhausted from the constant sun all day that it didn't really matter.

Enjoyed the movie on the beach one night over by the activities building; nice way to wind down from a hot evening.

Internet is a bit spendy, but we're on vacation we just used it to check in for our flights the last day. US customs is in the Aruba airport, so its one less thing to deal with when you get back to the US.

We did Snuba Aruba and it was worth every penny. We chose to do our Snuba part at the sunken ship, and that was the best! I even saw a rainbow fish! grin If you want to know more about it; feel free to email us. The guide offered us a whole CD of photos for $20 and that was well worth it – we had the best christmas card that year!

The other excursion we did was the jeep tour. We a little unknowingly signed up for the one that you DRIVE the jeep in. So if you aren't into that be sure to know what you are choosing! Some of the legs of the drive weren't so bad but the one down into the area with the natural pool is a bit scary, so plan accordingly. This tour took us to the other side of the island and to the natural bridge and pool.

We loved the Red Parrot restaurant over on the Divi side. The tempura vegetables at the Ginger restaurant were delicious too. Breakfast buffet was typical, they make a good omelet with a few dollars in the tip jar. One funny thing was that when you made a dinner reservation you got a little receipt printed out to bring with you.

Bars are spread out well enough that none of them got too crowded. We enjoyed the one on the beach for watching the sunset though. Keep in mind that kids oftentimes eat free at the resort, so we had a few teenagers hanging out at the bar just because they could.

They had a few security staff on the resort at all times, and the pathways were lit pretty well going between the different areas. Our housekeeping lady was the same all week, and she was so appreciative when we slipped her a twenty on our last morning. She got to know exactly when we went to breakfast and it was cleaned when we got back every day.

Many iguanas and little lizards all throughout the property. Normally they are pretty good, but we did find one eating off the table one afternoon!


Reviewed by Justsimplyb (TripAdvisor)

Reviewed on May 20, 2011