One of the most photographed, the Fofoti tree in Aruba, found on Eagle Beach.
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While we are apart during this stressful time, we want to bring you a weekly #DiviDoseofParadise . Check this blog every Wednesday for a dose of Aruba sun and fun! This week we are learning about the iconic trees that line the shores of Aurba – the Fofoti tree.

The Fofoti trees grow into incredible shapes similar to a bonsai, beautiful but rough and twisted by the coastal winds that are ever-present. These trees have starred in various advertising campaigns as unique and highly recognizable features, and make for a favorite spot to stop and photograph this marvel of nature. People often get the Divi Divi (Watapana) tree and Fofoti tree mistaken for one another because of their shape –  Fofoti trees grow on the beach while the Divi Divi tree grows inland. Their trunks look similar due to their dramatic angles that they grow, making it easy to mix them up!

Don’t forget, if you ever venture far and find yourself lost, you can always find your bearings by looking at the direction these trees point. The ever-present winds on Aruba have affected these tree’s growth, making all of the Fofoti trees point South-west. The old saying of “follow the bend of the trees and they’ll lead you to town” is a helpful fact for finding your way back home.

Keep an eye out for the Fofoti trees the next time that you are walking along the beaches near the Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusives, you’ll spot some of them nestled into the palm trees and dotting the coast as you walk along the sparkling white sand.

To learn more about these trees, visit the Aruba tourism page on Eagle Beach.